Daniel N. Bailey

President & CEO

Daniel N. Bailey is the founder, President & CEO of HollyHills. As President & CEO, Dan focuses on the strategic direction of the company, including key real estate acquisitions and new development ventures. Under his direction, HollyHills made key land acquisitions, including 522 acres of raw land directly adjacent to the $900 million Toyota Motor Manufacturing plant in San Antonio, Texas.


Marlene Y. Bailey

Executive Vice President

Marlene Y. Bailey serves as Executive Vice President of HollyHills. Marlene works directly with her husband Dan Bailey, President & CEO of HollyHills, on all company projects including the master planning of developments, real estate acquisitions and transactions, site selection and overall business development. Marlene possesses a discerning eye for the creative design of projects, and has been instrumental in many marketing and advertising campaigns.


T.J. Connolly

Executive Vice President & COO

T. J. Connolly brings over 30 years of public relations, public affairs and marketing executive level experience to his position at HollyHills. A 1985 graduate of St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas, upon graduation, Connolly began his career as Director of Corporate Communications for the Benson Management Company. The Benson Management Company was the holding company for entrepreneur Tom Benson’s 35 auto dealerships, five banks and the NFL franchise New Orleans Saints.


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