Marlene Y. Bailey
Executive Vice President

Marlene Y. Bailey serves as Executive Vice President of HollyHills. As Executive Vice President, Marlene works directly with her husband Dan Bailey, President & CEO of HollyHills, on all company projects including the master planning of developments, real estate acquisitions and transactions, site selection and overall business development. Marlene possesses a discerning eye for the creative design of projects, and has been instrumental in many marketing and advertising campaigns.

Prior to joining Dan at HollyHills, Marlene worked exclusively for noted law firms and a full-service real estate company heading its legal administrative departments, where she oversaw more than 82 companies and was solely responsible for tasks including the maintenance of corporate books and records; licensing of agents, corporations and brokers under the Department of Real Estate compliance; and troubleshooting for the property management division of company-owned properties. Additionally, Marlene handled the licensing of escrow companies, personnel and branch offices under the Department of Corporations, as well as all legal compliance issues and registration documentation and compliance for over 150 escrow employees in eight branch offices with the Department of Corporations and the Escrow Agent's Fidelity Corporation. Marlene worked closely with the owners as a corporate officer of all of companies regarding corporate matters, preventative maintenance and damage control, and maintained a legal hot line for all real estate agents, including the property management agents, managers and escrow officers to answer questions and assist in transactions to prevent potential liability to the company. With the in-house legal hot line, the company managed to reduce its per transaction E&O insurance premiums for the real estate companies to an all-time low cost per transaction. With over 1,500 real estate agents in 11 offices, the savings to the company was substantial.

Marlene also served as the Vice President of the exchange company which handled over 150 tax-deferred exchanges as an added service to clients of both the real estate and escrow companies, and assisted the corporate counsel in handling exchanges from the initial consultation through to the closing of the escrows.

At HollyHills, Marlene has been intimately involved with the company’s site selection and design features of both the Mid-Century Modern custom home program in Palm Springs as well as with the luxury apartment home and boutique new track home program in Hanford, California. Marlene is working closely with Dan to replicate and expand the luxury apartment and new track home program into other Central California communities.