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– a mantra from which the genesis of the company first originated.

HollyHills was formed in 1997 while looking for single family lots in the Hollywood Hills as the winding down of a home rehabilitation program Dan Bailey and his wife, HollyHills Executive Vice President Marlene Bailey had previously introduced into the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area in the early 1990’s.

In the early-to-mid 1990’s, it was opportunity that first led the Baileys on their highly successful pursuit to acquire residential property during the height of the Los Angeles depressed real estate market.  Many of the inner-city properties had been foreclosed and lenders were taking back properties.  The Baileys began an aggressive program of purchasing homes to rehab, a program that eventually grew to over 1000 properties.  The Baileys then moved on from rehabbing homes into acquiring and rehabbing small-to-medium sized apartment complexes.  Ranging in sizes from 4 to 36 units, the Baileys rehabbed over 60 separate properties, and unlike their residential rehab program, the Baileys elected to keep the apartment properties and manage them.

Eventually selling off the apartment buildings, the Baileys went on to implement a third and final Los Angeles program that would take them into the Hollywood Hills, inspiring the future namesake of the company.  Like the rehab programs, the Hollywood Hills program involved enhancing an asset and taking it to the next level, which consisted of the following:  acquiring upslope and downslope lots, designing plans, obtaining soil reports, submitting plans to the City for approval, overseeing the entire entitlement process and finally selling the lots to builders or individuals looking to build their dream home with the city-approved plans already in place.  This value-added approach was extremely popular among buyers, making it possible for the newly formed HollyHills to sell out its entire inventory and turn a significant profit.

Adapting to the tumultuous change in the late ‘90’s real estate market, HollyHills began to develop an appetite for expanding its capabilities and taking on assembling large-scale, master-planned developments that would enrich the value of communities – a vision that the Los Angeles market did not have the capacity for at that time. HollyHills sought future opportunities in Palm Springs and Hanford, California and San Antonio, Texas.

HollyHills began an aggressive Master Planned Development program in the Central Valley of California in a City called Hanford. An investment took the Baileys to Hanford and once there, Dan Bailey said, “this City is about to explode and no one has figured it out yet.” Quickly Dan began his search for properties and assembled over 250 acres in an area which now houses the newest shopping area of Hanford including Walmart Super Store, Target Super Store, Michael’s, Lowe’s and many more. Also, recently built is a brand-new hospital, new community college and new high school. This area of Hanford is bustling.

After entitling the land, HollyHills successfully built and sold out the Hanford Auto Mall and a subdivision of 56 lots called Central Park and sold to Centex Homes the day the lots in the subdivision were signed off. HollyHills also entitled a 33-lot subdivision called Montecito Ranch and built out 3 model homes.

HollyHills also acquired a 27-lot subdivision in Palm Springs and began building custom homes and selling lots.

With a hunger for larger projects, HollyHills began looking in the San Antonio, Texas market and successfully acquired 522 acres strategically located across from what is now a $1 Billion dollar Toyota Manufacturing Plant. HollyHills entitled the land for an industrial park and a retail/commercial corner which accommodated hotel sites, commercial retail pad sites and a Town Center shopping center for restaurants, day care and medical offices.

HollyHills also acquired 1,350 acres at Briggs Ranch. Briggs Ranch included the Golf Club of Texas, featuring a course designed by the great Pro Lee Trevino, and neighboring land around the golf course sited for a large 500 room hotel, timeshares, apartments, commercial and retail center, condos and single family homes. Today, Briggs Ranch has over 1,000 luxury apartment units.

Like many large real estate developers in the mid-late 2000’s, HollyHills encountered its share of setbacks with the U. S. economy’s financial meltdown, some substantial. But the Baileys dug deep using the knowledge and experience they used to first build HollyHills, launching a Mid-Century Modern construction new custom home building program in Palm Springs. The 1950’s design themed homes are a popular and growing fixture of that vacation mecca’s residential real estate market.

HollyHills also swept back into the Hanford, California market that served them so well in the early 2000’s launching an aggressive luxury apartment home development program as well as a boutique new home tract housing program. HollyHills is taking both these luxury apartment homes and boutique tract home programs and branching out into other Central California communities.

HollyHills Development continues to look forward to the ever-changing development cycles as they begin to dawn.

An ability to identify new development opportunities before they become a trend. An ability to adjust to an ever-changing market and market environments. This has been the key to HollyHills Development’s ability to thrive, survive and move forward.

Building and developing tomorrow’s visions…today.

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