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Past Texas Projects: SouthPort Business Park

SouthPort Business Park

After purchasing 522 acres directly across from the new $800 million Toyota plant on the south side of San Antonio in 2003, HollyHills has already begun development of a business park on the property. The name “SouthPort” was strategically chosen by HollyHills to represent both the location of the development on the city’s south side as part of the city south initiative, and the importance of the area as a distribution center– or port– between Mexico and the country’s west coast.

About four million square-feet of the SouthPort property will serve as industrial space, with designs already completed on four different industrial buildings. SouthPort Business Park will also include a 750,000 square-foot office park and 500,000 square-feet of commercial space, alongside a four-star hotel and conference center.

The San Antonio Business Journal’s selected the building for Best Designed Industrial Building Award in 2005. Among SouthPort’s winning attributes is that these industrial buildings, unlike many other industrial structures, feature extensive landscaping and large windows.

SouthPort Retail Center

HollyHills is constructing a 43,000 square-foot retail center on the southeast corner where stores and restaurants may lease space, for which HollyHills serves as property manager.

  • Directly adjacent to new $800M TOYOTA Manufacturing plant
  • Retail Center — 27 acres, 350k sq. ft.  Includes 2 business class hotels, child development center, high-end medical, emergency services, financial services, restaurants
  • 4 Million sq. ft Industrial
  • 750k sq. ft. Office Park
  • 500k sq. ft. Commercial
  • Four star hotel & conference center

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