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South Port Development Announces Two Major Closing

California-Based Companies Acquire Land to Develop at South Port

San Antonio, TX. – HollyHills Development, owner and developer of the 522-acre South Port project across from the Toyota Manufacturing Plant on the City’s Southside, announced today that TransStar Holdings and Clifford Douglas have closed on land at South Port.

TRANSTAR HOLDINGS, LLC, based in Los Angeles, California, is a leading retail developer specializing in the acquisitions, development and management of neighborhood shopping centers, has closed on two separate lots at South Port. TRANSTAR’s initial plans call for the company to develop one of the lots as a fast food restaurant. TRANSTAR’s initial plans for the second lot call for the company to develop a full-service restaurant.

Clifford Douglas, a developer based in Rancho Santa Fe, California, has also closed on a lot at South Port. Mr. Douglas is in the initial design phase with plans to develop a 10,000 square-foot office and Day Care Center.

“HollyHills is pleased to announce the first of what are many closings that developers both locally and nationally will be securing and pursuing at South Port. They, like HollyHills Development, see the potential and the impact South Port is going to have on the Southside of San Antonio,” HollyHills Development CEO, Joseph Heitzler stated.

HollyHills Development purchased South Port in 2003. Over the past two years, HollyHills has been developing a master plan for the 522 acres. The purchases by TransStar Holdings and Clifford Douglas represent the first investments by out-of-state developers at South Port.

Heitzler went on to add that HollyHills would be announcing additional closed deals with both local and out of town developers at South Port within the next 45 days.

“There has been a lot of interest in South Port over the past 12 to18 months. We are now seeing that interest turning into real investment. And soon, that investment will lead to construction and development. South Port is on its way,” Heitzler added.

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