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HollyHills Donates 143 Acres to City for Park

$6 Million Donation of Land called “integral” to Park Expansion

San Antonio, TX.Calling the donation an “integral” part of the City’s park expansion program, the San Antonio City Council unanimously and enthusiastically accepted the donation of 143 acres of land from HollyHills Development near the new Toyota Manufacturing Plant on San Antonio’s Southside today.

San Antonio Mayor Phil Hardberger commended HollyHills Chairman Daniel N. Bailey and Vice Chair Marlene Bailey who were invited to the City Council Chambers for the official acceptance.

“Dan, today you and Marlene are setting a wonderful example. One we would welcome other San Antonio developers to follow,” Mayor Hardberger stated.

The Bailey’s were introduced at the ceremony by San Antonio Mayor Emeritus and current San Antonio Parks Foundation Chair Lila Cockrell. Cockrell first reached out to the Bailey’s in hopes of securing approximately 25 acres of land near the Toyota plant. In the end, Dan and Marlene Bailey decided to donate 143 acres.

“When Lila Cockrell first visited us, I asked Marlene, how anyone could say no to this wonderful woman. Mayor Cockrell’s commitment and dedication to San Antonio is unparallel. It was a joy working with her on this donation,” Dan Bailey said.

The Bailey’s were lauded by various members of the City Council for their donation and the example their donation set for the rest of the local development community.

District Ten City Councilman Chip Haass addressed the uniqueness of the Bailey’s donation.

“You and HollyHills have been in San Antonio for less than three years, yet you have done and are doing more for the community than developers that have been here for 50 years or longer. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for San Antonio,” Councilman Haass said.

After eight out of the ten City Councilmember’s too k time to praise the Bailey’s donation, Mayor Hardberger closed out the session.

“Dan and Marlene, you welcomed back to this Chamber anytime,” Hardberger said.

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